Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary

Our Mission: To establish and maintain a neighborhood project at Revelation Road, Meadowbrook Road and Washington Lane whose purpose is to beautify and preserve the open space with trees, benches, bird houses and walking paths, as well as to educate through the use of identified native plantings.

Dear Neighbors: The Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary was formed by concerned neighbors who wanted to restore the area to its natural state prior to the Township Sewer Project of 2001 - 2002.

Implementing A Plan: With the help of Rydal-Meadowbrook Civic Association, Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council and Abington Township, the property has evolved into a beautiful sanctuary that preserves this precious open space. Landscape architects volunteered to design a plan that would transform the area into a bird habitat with installation of an irrigation and water retention system, along with paths, feeders and plantings.

Progress to Date: Volunteers then planted over 30 trees, numerous flower beds and smaller plantings, strategically placed bird houses and benches for visitors to sit and enjoy this wonderful setting. Our efforts have been rewarded by receiving the prestigious Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 2003 Suburban Greening Award and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 2004 Maintenance Award.We also received the Audubon Society Award in 2008, the Abington Township 2010 Robert Montgomery Award and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation in Recognition of Preserving Open Space 2010. BUT OUR MISSION IS NOT COMPLETE! We need help to maintain with financial and physical participation by interested and concerned neighbors

A Labor of Love

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Thanks for stopping by.I want to start right off by apologizing to Coal,Jake and Lady Middleton for not mentioning them in the Feb. news letter. It seems that the Middleton dogs felt left out and rightly so,considering they were the stimulus for allowing dogs on the property. Hey guys there will be a few extra dog biscuits the next time you visit.Jessica’s Point of View column has provided us with some amazing creative writing. Here is Eric’s poem:
Sugar and Spice Day was so fun
It’s a day for families and friends to come
We had cookies and treats
We heard the birds sing and tweet
The leaves were orange red and green
It was such a beautiful scene
Eric, 2nd grade student at Meadowbrook School

Thanks Eric! You show a great deal of talent for one so young. Everyone loves the name of our Spring outing, “Our Bloomers Are Showin”. To quote Tom Kirk,Channel 66, who will be covering the affair, "You know I would love everyone to see your bloomers”. Thanks Tom. We need a bit of humor during these dreary days.

Our Spring outing is May 1st, rain date May 2nd, 2 till 4PM. There will be a clothesline art show by Meadowbrook School students and Diana Weiner from Meadowbrook Farm will illustrate how to put together one of her outstanding window boxes.


Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget, come again.
From all of us at M.B.S

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