Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary

Our Mission: To establish and maintain a neighborhood project at Revelation Road, Meadowbrook Road and Washington Lane whose purpose is to beautify and preserve the open space with trees, benches, bird houses and walking paths, as well as to educate through the use of identified native plantings.

Dear Neighbors: The Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary was formed by concerned neighbors who wanted to restore the area to its natural state prior to the Township Sewer Project of 2001 - 2002.

Implementing A Plan: With the help of Rydal-Meadowbrook Civic Association, Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council and Abington Township, the property has evolved into a beautiful sanctuary that preserves this precious open space. Landscape architects volunteered to design a plan that would transform the area into a bird habitat with installation of an irrigation and water retention system, along with paths, feeders and plantings.

Progress to Date: Volunteers then planted over 30 trees, numerous flower beds and smaller plantings, strategically placed bird houses and benches for visitors to sit and enjoy this wonderful setting. Our efforts have been rewarded by receiving the prestigious Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 2003 Suburban Greening Award and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 2004 Maintenance Award.We also received the Audubon Society Award in 2008, the Abington Township 2010 Robert Montgomery Award and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation in Recognition of Preserving Open Space 2010. BUT OUR MISSION IS NOT COMPLETE! We need help to maintain with financial and physical participation by interested and concerned neighbors

A Labor of Love

Thursday, October 21, 2010


“Inner Beauty” Sometimes it’s what goes on in the inside that counts, so don’t just drive by MBS. Come in and be prepared to be amazed.

“Funny Bone” There was this article in the newspaper about people who use the word “we” instead of “I”. They categorize them as either a schizophrenic, a pregnant woman, the head of a sovereign state, editors or people who eat worms. Well, I use the word “we” when writing the News Letter and I’m definitely none of the above and most certainly not a pregnant woman; that would take a miracle.

‘Jessica’s Point of View'
Hey Kids.
Last time Tina wrote a great poem about nature.
Big kids and little kids love nature. The trees and birds are getting ready for Winter.
Are you getting ready for winter?
Are you getting ready for Halloween?
Will you be wearing a costume?
Tell me about your favorite animal or bird


Thanks,Jessica. We look forward to next month’s answers

And thanks also to Audubon for giving us “What Plant For Which Bird?” pamphlets.

Don’t forget to come again. From all of us at MBS

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget, come again.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary
September 2010 Newsletter

As migration begins this fall, it is very important to the members of MBS that we keep our feathered friends happy. They need food, water and habitat.
Since 2002 we have successfully provided all this and more but times have changed and MBS is feeling the recession. Our Sanctuary depends on your financial support so please help us fill our feeders this winter. Our grocery list is attached.
When you drive by MBS or walk through our paths you can see that a community of caring people with a common goal has built a beautiful pocket park. We survive on the support of our friends and neighbors. Consider us a NEEDFUL NEIGHBOR and help by contributing to the 'Fill Our Feeders Fund'. Your grants, donations and membership fees are tax deductible and priceless.
Thanks and remember your support is vital.

Jessica's Point of View Column -

A poem by Tina, a 6th grade student at Meadowbrook School:

Nature is beautiful
It smells like blooming flowers
It looks like gardens overflowing with plants
It tastes like fresh fruits and vegetables
It feels like soft spongy moss on the ground
It makes me feel peaceful.

Thanks Tina for your poem. We know it will touch the hearts of everyone who reads it.

Double click to enlarge chart please.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget, come again. From all of us at M.B.S.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


We must be doing something right; all of our bird houses are occupied. Even with the recession not a one is empty. The carousel restaurant down at the Circle Garden is a favorite of the young cardinal crowd. They serve meat loaf seed every Monday night. And where does a bird go for some liquid refreshment? Try the “Wet Your Beak Water Hole” with chirpyoke every other night.

Don’t go away,we have something we want to share with you:

Nancy Hammeke Marshall, Executive Director of the Abington Free Library and the Board of Trustees have chosen to acknow-

ledge MBS for receiving the 2010 Montgomery Award by having a book, “Green Planet” by Stanley A. Rice, placed in the library’s permanent collection with a book plate honoring MBS in the front of the book.

This is without a doubt a great honor and we thank Nancy and the Trustees for this gift.

Jessica of “Jessica’s Point of View” column is 6 years old and because of her interest in art requested an interview with me, Iris Innes, as an artist.

Dear Miss Iris:

These are my questions:

Q: Is it fun to be a nature artist?

A: I would say ‘yes’. It makes me happy.

Q: Do you like it?

A; I like being out of doors, walking in the woods especially in the

Spring when all the woodsy plants are popping up and the birds

Are all around.

Q: What is your favorite thing to draw?

A: I like to draw woodland plants, jack-in-the-pulpits, ferns and

Birds. Get Mom and Dad to take you to Briar Bush Nature

Center at 1212 Edgehill Rd. in Abington. Go to the Bird

Observatory Building and see the front door that I have painted.

Q: How can kids become “nature artists”?

A: Draw everything you see. Get a camera and photograph little

things and big things.

Thank you, Jessica for giving me the opportunity to talk to you about your interest in being an artist.

If there are any young, budding artists out there in any field that would like to respond to Jessica with questions of their own, please go to ynys@comcast .net

Thanks again for stopping by and don’t forget to come again-from all of us at MBS.

Friday, July 30, 2010

July 2010

So many GOOD things have happened to MBS in the last few months that it’s hard to know where to start.

Remember in June we received a citation from the House of Representatives of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and now Tom Conway,Abington Township Manager,has sent us a letter saying we are the recipients of the 2010 Robert Montgomery Award for our outstanding contribution in conserving,protecting and restoring our community’s natural environment. This is a very prestigious award and we feel quite honored to have MBS Board of Directors names added to the award plaque that hangs in the lobby of the Township Building

Jessica’s “Point of View” column has been swamped with letters from the 3rd grade students at Meadowbrook School. They are all about what special plans they have for Summer vacation.

Sounds like camp is popular,especially Science Camp,swimming at the shore and, camping in the Poconos, along with travel and just having fun at home. Hats off to Meadowbrook School for making the school year so interesting that a few students are sad to see it come to an end.

Kelsey: I can’t wait for summer because of our vacations planned. I’m going to San Diego for a week,Hershey Park,camping and playing with friends

Andrew: I can’t wait for school to end because I’m going to camp with my friend Jack. Then I will go to Margate with my family.

Tommy: I am very excited for summer because I’m going to baseball camp for two weeks. Also my family and I are going to Disney World and the Poconos. It will be fun.

Jeremy: Yes, I am ready for summer because I’m looking forward to going to Ocean City. It’s going to be fun on the beach. Also, I’m growing a large garden in my backyard and the fresh vegetables are so good!

Joe: This summer is going to be fun because I am going to Science Camp. Then my family and I are going to Ocean City, Maryland and I like to go to the beach. I am going to Maine this summer too. I like to go water skiing.

Gracie: I’m kind of sad that school is ending because it is fun every day! This summer I am going to Performing Arts Camp. I like it because you get to be in plays

Dylan: I like summer because I’m going to the pool with my friend and play baseball.

Ethan: I am ready for the end of school because during the summer I am playing on a Baseball Tourament Team. Also I am going to two camps and they are mostly about sports,that is why I like them!

Jack: I am excited to go to Science Camp this summer. Then I am going to another camp and to Margate with my family.

Luke: I love summer because I will go to the Shore at Avalon. I like to go to the beach and go swimming.

Kristian: I wish we could go to school all summer. I don’t want it to end. I am very excited to go to Science Camp at Meadowbrook School. Also, I am going to the Abington YMCA camp.

Harlan: I am going to Science Camp at Meadowbrook School. Then I am going to another camp. Then my family and I are going to Colorado.

David: At the beginning of summer I am going to Science Camp and Art Camp at Meadowbrook School. Then my family and I are going to upstate New York and Ocean City,Maryland.

Lawson: This summer I’m going to camp in Maryland. I plan to play golf,tennis and swim on my swim team. It will be fun!

Thanks Kids for letting us know what turns you on when you are on vacation.

Don’t forget to come again and remember the birds enjoy watching you as much as you enjoy watching them.

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget, come again.

From all of us at MBS

Monday, June 14, 2010


Thanks for stopping by.
We feel so honored and proud of the citation Stephen Kline presented to M.B.S. from the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaWe are attaching the citation so you can see for yourself that our reputation goes far beyond our neighborhood and township.
We thank Josh Shapiro for recognizing the work and devotion that the M.B.S. team members have for this precious piece of land. Thank you, Josh. (Double click on the citation to enlarge)

“Jessica’s Point of View” Hey Kids!!!
Are you ready for the end of school?
Do you have special plans for the Summer?
I like to read and swim and eat ice cream,
And when it gets cooler my Mom brings me to the
Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary. I love watching the birds with my Mom.
If you would like to respond to Jessica with what your plans are for the Summer,we will print them in the July news letter. Respond to ynys@comcast .net.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget, come again. From all of us at M.B.S

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


From everything we have heard “Our Bloomers Are Showin’” party was the best ever. This is going to be a hard act to follow but knowing the minds of the MBS board-team it won’t be a problem.
The highlight of the day was the clothes line art show by students of Meadowbrook School. So charming , creative and inspirational to all who viewed them. Thanks kids for sharing your works of art with us and also thanks to Meadowbrook School art teacher Jillian Paulus-Katona and Janice Mockaitis, organizer and 6th grade science teacher.
Then there was our very own Diana Weiner with her demonstration of how to plant a window box with edibles, herbs and flowers; all supplied by Meadowbrook Farm.
Our “Eddy” award went to Jennifer Sherwood as the most deserving volunteer of the year. Not only here at MBS but in the community in general. Like the Energizer, she just keeps going and going.
We had Jessica’s “Jessica’s Lemonade Stand” with Jessica and her Dad pouring Lemonade and giving out stickers to all the kids who were running around counting bird houses-oh so many bird houses.
A big thanks to Karol and Taylor Appel for cheering on our budding artists as they painted their one-of-kind bird houses
Last but not least board team member Judy Langsfeld was sitting at the MBS’s “ Take out a $35 Membership” booth and in spite of the 92 deg. Weather, Judy was up to the challenge of bringing in new memberships and renewing old ones. Thanks Judy, you went beyond the call of duty.
Here is the latest response to “Jessica’s Point of View” column, a poem by Kiran McCulloch a 4th grade student at Meadowbrook School:


Beautiful trees grow in it
Intriguing animals live in and around it
Really, every day is a time when
Dazzling colors co-inside with great wildlife to create a

Spectacle of natural beauty for
All people who come
No place in the nation [or at least in the state]
Can amount to its beauty
The Sugar and Spice day is
Usually held here, most of the time
Annually in the Fall. A
Rural place, the Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary is
Your not-so-typical everyday habitat

Kiran, We can see stars in your future.

Thanks again for stopping by and don’t forget to come again.
From all of us at MBS

Monday, April 5, 2010

Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary
~ A Volunteer Neighborhood Project ~
cordially invites you to

Our Bloomers Are Showin’

A Wonderful Event for the Whole Family

Saturday, May 1, 2010
2 pm to 4 pm
(rain date Sunday, May 2)
Washington Lane (between Meadowbrook and Revelation Roads)

• View the Meadowbrook School Clothesline Art Show!
• Paint Your Own Birdhouse!
• Learn to Plant Patio Pots and Window Boxes!

Free Refreshments and so much more!
Meet your neighbors. Make new friends.

Support the Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary
by becoming a member.
Dues are $35 and fully tax deductible.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April 2010 Newsletter

This is the last newsletter before the Spring outing, "Our Bloomers Are Showin'" May 1 (rain date May 2) between 2 and 4 PM so we're really going to turn up the heat and shout "COME OUT AND SEE OUR BLOOMERS".
It's an old-fashioned get together. Bring your dogs, kids, grandkids, Mom and Dad, your Mother-in-law, your Father-in-law, your next door neighbor, your next door neighbor's neighbor and anyone else who has a passion for life and all the good things it has to offer.
OK, you get the picture. We're just so proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time that we can't help sharing it all with you.

Here is Jessica's Point of View column:
Hey kids:
Sun is out. It is warm.
Come out for a fun day at Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary.
Bring your parents.
Come out and play, eat cookies and drink lemonade at Jessica's Lemonade Stand at "Our Bloomers Are Showin'" (on May 1, rain date May 2) at 2 PM.
Johnathan and his brother did a super job of counting bird houses and I want to give them super special sticker prizes.
Kids! Everyone who counts bird houses will get a sticker!

Thanks Jessica. You have celebrity status. Can we have your autograph??

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Johnathan to Jessica

Thanks to Johnathan for his response to Jessica
From all of us at M.B.S

Thanks for stopping by.I want to start right off by apologizing to Coal,Jake and Lady Middleton for not mentioning them in the Feb. news letter. It seems that the Middleton dogs felt left out and rightly so,considering they were the stimulus for allowing dogs on the property. Hey guys there will be a few extra dog biscuits the next time you visit.Jessica’s Point of View column has provided us with some amazing creative writing. Here is Eric’s poem:
Sugar and Spice Day was so fun
It’s a day for families and friends to come
We had cookies and treats
We heard the birds sing and tweet
The leaves were orange red and green
It was such a beautiful scene
Eric, 2nd grade student at Meadowbrook School

Thanks Eric! You show a great deal of talent for one so young. Everyone loves the name of our Spring outing, “Our Bloomers Are Showin”. To quote Tom Kirk,Channel 66, who will be covering the affair, "You know I would love everyone to see your bloomers”. Thanks Tom. We need a bit of humor during these dreary days.

Our Spring outing is May 1st, rain date May 2nd, 2 till 4PM. There will be a clothesline art show by Meadowbrook School students and Diana Weiner from Meadowbrook Farm will illustrate how to put together one of her outstanding window boxes.


Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget, come again.
From all of us at M.B.S

Tuesday, March 2, 2010



We've had a few angry BARKS from our canine members. Just in case you don't know, MBS is the only park beside the Township's Dog Park that allows dogs, on a leash, to have fun on the property.

We've heard from a number of dogs, a long haired dachshund, a mastiff named Maggie, two mountain sheep dogs and a black French poodle, that come and bring their two-legged friends. They say we have taken this "Go Green" thing too far and would like the water in the dog bowl changed more frequently.

They are pleased that we provide poopy bags and a dispenser for their companions to use.

Now we turn the news over to Jessica.

"Jessica's Point of View"

Hey Kids!

They have all kinds of bird houses at Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary. I saw birds flying in and out of the bird houses. Birds are warm and cozy in their houses. Tell me how many bird houses you saw at the Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary and the winner will get a special sticker prize.

Tell me which bird house you liked the best.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget, come again.
From all of us at MBS

A sneak preview
The name of our new spring
" Our Bloomers Are Showin' "

January 2010 Newsletter

January Newsletter

Happy New Year and Thanks for Stopping By -

I hope many of you took some time off from your holiday shopping to check out the foot prints in the snow left by our furry and feathery friends. It's always a thrill to guess what animal or bird belongs to which foot print.

On a sad note we regret to notify all of our friends at M.B.S that Marsha and Jim Pearson's Wild Bird Center has closed for good on new Years Eve, 2009. They will be greatly missed by every one connected with the sanctuary, especially the birds since thru their love and generosity of a bird seed grant, that has lasted for 9 years, our feeders have been full.

We would love to have some one step up and continue that service. Like most non-profits we have been financially hurt by the recessions and we, the neighbors and the "Friends of M.B.S" would be forever grateful for such a miracle.

Because of the inactivity during the winter months, "Jessica's Point of View" column will be every other month. In its place this month, Jessica has printed a response to her December column that she received from Jack Hammeke, a 6th grade student at Meadowbrook School, Hampton Rd. in Meadowbrook.

Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary

"One of the things I like best about M.B.S is that it is not only a place where birds live; it is also a place where my school, The Meadowbrook School, has an event. The event is called Sugar and Spice Day. At the Sanctuary we have sugar cookies and apple cider and listen to the birds chirping. Sometimes people just sit there and admire all the bids that are flying around and are chirping their pleasant chirp. Unless it's a crow - that is not a pleasant sound to hear. When people are there they can count the birds that are flying around. One time my Mom and I came over to the sanctuary and we had bird seed that we put in the shed so the birds would have food. Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary is a Sanctuary."

- Jack Hammeke, grade 6, Meadowbrook School

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget, come again.
From all of us at M.B.S